Massage Therapy

30 minutes $45      60 minutes $75     90 minutes $100

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Swedish Massage....gentle to medium pressure, flowing and relaxing style


Deep Tissue Massage...deeper pressure at times, relieves chronic pain patterns


Prenatal Massage...expectant mothers can enjoy some TLC and relieve the building pressure on hips, back and shoulders.


Acu Thai Massage...Loosen the body and create a deep sense of wellbeing with full body stretches and acupressure massage techniques applied to pressure points and energy lines.



Available for 30 minutes only


Reflexology...addresses issues throughout the body via reflex points of the hands and feet.


Facial and Scalp Massage...perfect to relieve sinus pressure and TMJ discomfort.




Spa Body Treatments

Add any of these to a massage and recieve up to 25% off

Ultimate Mud Wrap 60 minutes $ add-on $75

Pure Dead Sea Mud is known across the world through history for its ability to reduce pain and inflammation and to reduce cellulite and other skin issues. A full body dry brush preps the skin for ideal absorption of warm Dead Sea Mineral Mud by removing dead cells and stimulating lymph flow. Treatment includes scalp massage, and brief full body moisturizing massage.


Essential Oil Wrap 45 minutes $ add-on $55

Terrific for a quick detox, slimming, or simply to let go of tension and stress using Aromatherapy.


Dead Sea Salt Glow 45 minutes $ add-on $55

An invigorating aromatic full body scrub using certified Dead Sea Salt

and Organic Coconut Oil will not only soften the skin but also naturally stimulate the immune system and alkalize the body.


Pure Cane Sugar Buff 45 minutes $ add-on $55

We combine Pure Cane Sugar and Organic Essential Oils, which are ideal for exfoliating & softening dull skin while also promoting healthy lymphatic flow.


Sole Revival 25 minutes, $ add-on $25

Begin with a warm herbal foot soak, followed by an envigorating and aromatic sugar salt scrub.  Deeply moisturize and relax with a customized reflexology foot massage.


Joint Repair 35 minutes, $ add-on $35

Our most  popular spot treatment for swollen, aching joints.  A bit of light massage is given to an area to increase blood flow. We apply warm Dead Sea Mud which has been infused with nature's most powerful anti-inflammatory essential oils. The area is wrapped and covered in heat for 20 minutes while you rest and enjoy massage to the hands and feet or scalp, shoulders and neck.



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